Cold In-Place Recycling

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General Parameters & Advice

Mixing equipment should be calibrated at the start of every year and monitored throughout the year to ensure accuracy, as outlined in Section 2.0 of Table 1 of CR301. Calibrate mixing equipment by delivering known quantities of RAP, bituminous recycling agent and water through the recycling equipment to verify that the materials are delivered to the accuracy specified. During construction, verify that the actual delivery rates remain within 10% of the required amount by volumetric distribution.


Calibration Guidelines

  • Water injection system: Calibrated to ensure correct water for foaming and/or to get mix close to optimum moisture content (gives highest density)
  • Recycling agent injection system: Calibrated to accurately supply recycling agent at specified tolearance 
  • Belt scale on recycler: Calibrated to properly supply recycling agent by mass of aggregate
  • Milling drum: Zero on ground to get accurate slope readings during the work
  • Paver: Calibrated to place material at correct thickness