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Success Stories

Getting More Done on US 123 in South Carolina

Using CIR, SCDOT increases treated pavement area by 700% without increasing cost. 

Foamed Asphalt CIR project in Oregon exceeds expectations

Choosing Cold In-Place Recycling (CIR) using foamed asphalt saved time and money.

The biggest advantage using this process was the shortened construction time and keeping the road open to traffic.

Limerick Township, Montgomery County, PA Uses Cold-In-Place Recycling As Part of It's Pavement Preservation Program

In Limerick Township, 30 miles outside Philadelphia-- one thing is clear—the Township takes their pavement preservation seriously.

As impressive, is the municipality's fundamental understanding that “mill & fill” is not as cost effective as pavement preservation—so much so that they are able to move most needed paving operations in-house. 

Jefferson County, Indiana - Recycling for the Future

Cold In-Place Recycling allowed Bobby Phillips, Roadway Superintendent for Jefferson County, Indiana, to restore Jackson Road, an ailing pavement in the Southeast corner of the state. This technology, new to Phillips and this region of Indiana, allowed him to also look to the future portion of the roadway’s life cycle. This was an opportunity to utilize innovative technology while also looking to the future for the pavement and the entire county as a whole network.

CIR Revitalizes Colorado Mountain Pass
CIR Revitalizes Colorado Mountain Pass. See the full article by ASPHALTPRO staff at:

INDOT Utilizes Asphalt Emulsion CIR for Major Roadway Rehabilitation

Cold In-Place Recycling allowed INDOT to repair a major 4-lane divided highway in Northern Indiana. US 30 showed large cracks that, upon further investigation, extended deep into the pavement structure.

UDOT Selects Cold In-Place Recycling for US 89

In 2020 Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) Region 4, with headquarters in Richfield, Utah, identified a 7.75 mile section of US 89 north of Fairview, Utah as a viable cost effective candidate for Cold in Place Recycling (CIR). Hales Sand & Gravel was awarded the job in 2021 and contracted with Coughlin Company to perform the CIR portion of the project.