Cold In-Place Recycling

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Traffic Control

Medium traffic control cir
Pilot truck leading traffic around CIR Train

Traffic control is required both for the safety of the traveling public and the employees performing the work.

  • Traffic control devices should be clean, visable and in compliance with the Federal Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD)
  • Installation of a lane closure or detour shall be in compliance with local or state standards
  • For residential or business districts, advanced notifications of lane closures and parking restrictions is essential to a successful project and happy residents.
  • On two lane roadways, maintain one-way traffic through the construction zone with appropriate traffic control such as flaggers, lane demarcation devices and/or pilot vehicles.
  • Traffic may be allowed back on the recycled mat at reduced speed once the mat has sufficiently cured. Slow speed traffic can actually help the curing process.
  • If raveling is a concern, after CIR compaction has been achieved and prior to opening the pavement to traffic, a light application of fog seal can be applied.
  • Since tire pick-up of the recycled mixture can occur, traffic should remain off the fog seal until it has cured.
  • A light application of blotter sand (or “choke” sand) can be used to absorb excess fog seal and expedite opening of the pavement to traffic.