Fog Seal

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Mix Design

The following factors should be considered prior to determining a fog seal application rate:

  • TRAFFIC:  The type and quantity of traffic should be considered when selecting the amount of asphalt emulsion to be used, as well as the emulsion type.  
  • EXISTING SURFACE: The texture and condition of the existing road surface will affect the emulsion quantity and spray rate. A dry porous road surface may need a higher quantity of emulsion.
  • ASPHALT RESIDUAL:  The quantity of asphalt residual in the emulsion can affect the quantity of emulsion needed. The lower the residual the higher the quantity of asphalt emulsion needed.

Typically a fog seal would require an emulsion application rate of 0.23 – 0.68 liters per square meter (0.05 – 0.15 gallons per square yard).  These rates will depend upon the residue content of the fog seal emulsion being applied.