Scrub Seal

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Scrub Seal Best Practices

Treat vegetation with herbicide early to prevent it from growing back following the project.

If patching occurs within 60 days before construction, a fog seal should be placed over the patching to seal it off. If not sealed, rock loss could occur in the area of the patch due to scrub seal emulsion soaking into the patch and not being able to hold the aggregate.

A rule of thumb is to add extra binder to the design application rate due to some of the binder being pushed into the cracks.  The extra amount is dependent on the severity of the cracking and could be anywhere from 5% more to 20% more.

If sweeping is specified right after rolling, it should be a light sweep in avoid dislodging aggregates.

Make sure that haul truck wheel paths are staggered when backing up and exercise caution when turning.

Before taking samples, draw and dispose of 1 gallon and then take two, 1/2 gal samples.