Scrub Seal

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General Parameters & Advice

Scrub seals are designed for application on pavements that are moderately to highly cracked but have adequate structural capacity. If a pavement is displaying structural distress, a different treatment should be selected. If a pavement is experiencing active rutting and/or shoving, it is not a candidate for scrub sealing.

Site Selection for Specific Distresses

Road Type, Surface, and Traffic Specifics

Scrub seals can be used on a variety of road types, and throughout the range of traffic level:

  • State highways
  • Collector streets
  • Local streets


Weather or seasonal limitations as described in the construction section should be followed closely.  Most scrub seal failures are due to construction that is too early or too late in the season.

If you are in the snow belt, the design embedment should be such as to prevent snow plow damage.  For example, MnDOT's recommended embedment percentage is 70%.

  • Good Scrub Seal Candidate
  • Good Scrub Seal Candidate