Ultra Thin Lift HMA

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For Pavement Condition

(PCI of 70 or greater)

An ultra thin lift HMA is a hot mix asphalt treatment consisting of paving grade asphalt and aggregate.  Ultra thin lift asphalt treatments are generally applied at a compacted depth of .75” to 1” on roads in good condition.   This pavement preservation application provides a smooth surface, while addressing raveling, low-severity top-down cracking and oxidation.

  1. Higher initial cost compared to other preservation treatments especially if milling is required; however, ultra thin lift asphalt will help reduce life cycle cost and extend agencies limited budgets.
  2. While not as environmentally friendly as other pavement preservation processes, ultra thin lift HMA's reduce GHG Emissions by up to 25% per year compared to a 2" Mill and Fill depending on specific thin lift treatment. (1)
  3. Material is 100% recyclable
  4. Quick return to traffic
  5. Adds 8-10 years (when applied for optimum preservation performance) depending on specific ultra thin-lift treatment

Issues Addressed

  • Low-Severity Cracking
  • Raveling
  • Friction-Loss
  • Oxidation
  • Retards further deterioration of pavement


  • Protects the surface from oxidation.
  • Restores road profile (within limitations)
  • Maintains grade and slope
  • Overlay for existing concrete pavement (spray paver recommended).
  • Addresses minor distresses such as low-severity cracking (<1/4")


Common Combinations

  • Ultra Thin Lift HMA and Crack Seal
  • Ultra Thin Lift HMA and Chip Seal
  • Ultra Thin Lift HMA and Scrub Seal
  • Ultra Thin Lift HMA and Micro Milling