Ultra Thin Lift HMA

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Application Sequence

  • Ensure the pavement is propperly cleaned.  
  • If required, a test strip should be applied prior to full production.
  • Apply a uniform application of approved tack coat at a rate of approximately .1 to .15 gallons for square yard. A Higher application of tack coat may be required, particularly for a bonded wearing course.
  • Assure the asphalt mixture is at a proper temperature prior to placement.
  • Paving operations should be proceed at a steady rate. A materials transfer vehicle is often recommended for use with a ultra thin lift.
  • Keep rollers in close proximity to the lay down operation. Because of the accelerated loss of heat, compaction must be completed quickley. Roller types and patterns vary depending on the type of ultra thin lift application.
  • Allow the mat to cool prior to opening to traffic.

Application Guidelines