Ultra Thin Lift HMA

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Notification to residents and businesses of upcoming paving projects is essential to reduce confusion and delays. A good outreach effort to notify stakeholders is vital to a successful project.

It is recommended that the contractor and agency use at least two of the following forms of notification:

  • Hand delivered notices or flyers to residents and businesses.
  • "No Parking" signs should be placed at appropriate intervals at least 48 Hours prior to construction.
  • Message Boards set up several days in advance of the work to notify residents of potential impacts.
  • Social media messaging such as HOA or Community facebook pages.
  • Posting project information on the agency's website.
  • Reverse 911 automated telephone messaging to property owners.
  • Town Hall or HOA meetings.
  • When projects occur within home owner's assocations, working with the HOA president or management team is an excellent way to spread the word about upcoming projects.

General Preparation

  • Perform patching of any potholes, alligator cracking, base failures or other distresses.
  • Perform crack sealing on cracks greater than 1/4 inch (0.6 cm).
  • Clean the surface of all loose or hardened material, vegetation, etc.
  • It is recommended that thermoplastic pavement markings should be removed from the roadway, as should heavily built up layers of epoxy or waterborne paint and reflective glass beads. The existing surface should be thoroughly cleaned prior to the application of ultra thin asphalt.
  • Contractor should examine routes selected to application prior to mobilization to identify any potential issues prior to construction.
  • Utility structures shall be protected and referenced prior to paving for location and adjustment (when necessary) after paving.
  • On roads with an uneven surface or profile, it may be necessary to mill the existing pavement prior to application. Milling can eliminate the surface distresses and allows the mix to be tied into existing gutter pans and utilities. By creating a level pavement, milling can help achieve the desired thin application rate, which can vary significantly on uneven road surfaces.
  • Ensure crack sealing material applied prior to ultra thin application is not excessive and is applied flush with the existing pavement.
  • Due to the thinner application, ultra thin lifts have a tendency to debond at a higher rate than traditional mixes. It is very important to ensure the existing pavement is thoroughly cleaned prior to application.