Ultra Thin Lift HMA

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Cost Benefits

  • Often the economical choice on smaller projects where other pavement preservation treatments have higher mobilization costs.
  • Pavement preservation treatments such as ultra thin lift asphalt reduce life cycle cost compared to the traditional worst first approach.
  • Ultra thin lift asphalt is 100% recylable.  
  • Ultra thin lift asphalt is typically less than 60% of a traditional 1.5" mill and fill.

Factors that may Impact Cost

  • Wage Rates
  • Time Restrictions such as night work or limited hours of operation.
  • Distance to asphalt plant
  • Number of contractors in area
  • Time of Bid. Bidding work in fall for the following year typically gives you the best opportunity for competitive pricing
  • Raw Material Pricing. Ultra Thin Lift Asphalt pricing will be affected more by flucations in raw materials compared to other pavement preservation applications
  • Existing Roadway Profile. Uneven surfaces must be either milled prior to an ultra thin lift application or you can expect an increase in the average depth required to apply the mix
  • Existing thermoplastic pavement markings should be removed prior to application which will increase costs
  • Specifications requirements such as the depth of mix, polymer modification and allowable RAP percentage
  • Amount of milling required

Decrease Cost Without Affecting Quality

  • Early letting closing (Ideally Oct-Dec for next year's work)
  • Alternate Bids for comparable preservation treatments
  • Proper site selection can minimize both mixture depth and the amount of milling required