Ultra Thin Lift HMA

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Construction Troubleshooting

Lack of In-place Density

  • Check temperature of mixture
  • Verify aggregate gradation and binder content are within mix design tolerances
  • Verify that proper rolling pattern developed in control strip is being followed
  • Reestablish control strip and rolling pattern
  • Assure anti-strip is at propoer rate IF REQUIRED
  • Warm mix asphalt technologies will increase workability and compactability of treatment.

Uncoated aggregate in the plant mix

  • Check for excess moisture in the aggregate
  • Check the plant for worn or missing flights and for insufficient mixing time

Mix Segregation

  • Check loading and unloading of haul trucks for proper procedures
  • Check operation of paver for improper folding of paver wings
  • Check for adequate head of material to paver augers and screed
  • Check mixture for proper binder content

Mix has lean or dull appearance

  • Check mixture for too little asphalt or excess minus No. 200 material

Post-Construction Troubleshooting