Base Stabilization

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Stabilized Base Courses for Advanced Pavement Design Report 1: Literature Review and Field Performance Data


U.S. Department of Transportation and Federal Aviation Administration


"The Federal Aviation Administration requires the use of stabilized bases for all pavements that will be required to support aircraft weighing 45,350 kg (100,000 lbs) or more. literature review was performed to determine the current state of the art in terms of understanding stabilization mechanisms, design procedures, and considerations. were collected to provide a review of the performance of many pavements at high-volume airports that support heavy aircraft loads. Field data collected included structural data in the form of nondestructive testing (NDT) performed with a falling weight deflectometer, visual condition survey using the pavement condition index (PCI) procedure, and construction and maintenance history data. The NDT was evaluated to determine modulus values for the various pavement layers. he PCI data were compared to historic PCI data to determine trends in performance. he construction and maintenance history records were reviewed to determine rehabilitation efforts required to maintain the pavements at appropriate levels."