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Sustainable Construction Case History: Fly ash Stabilization of Road-Surface Garvel


Tuncer B. Edil and Craig H. Benson


Stabilized road gravel was tested to compare with that of unaltered raod gravel. " California bearing ratio (CBR), resilient modulus (Mr) , and unconfined compression (qu) tests were conducted on road surface gravel alone and the fly-ash stabilized road surface gravel samples prepared in the field to evaluate how addition of fly ash improved strength and stiffness.  After 7 days of curing, the stabilized road surface gravel compacted in the field from a field-mix sample had CBR ranging between 48 and 90, Mr between 96 and 125 MPa, and qu between 197 and 812 kPa, whereas the road surface gravel alone had CBR of 24, and Mr of 51 Mpa."